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The Perfect Start to Your Dream Day

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The Perfect Start to Your Dream Day


After years of daydreaming and months of planning, it’s finally here! It’s your wedding day – now what?


While it may seem straightforward, put on your gown, say your vows, and dance up a storm, when it comes around it can be a huge rush of emotions for so many brides. Cue the tears RIGHT when the makeup artist puts on your mascara. Here are a few easy things you can make to ensure you are physically and emotionally looking after yourself – and your stress levels – in the lead up to your long awaited “I do” moment.


Go to Bed Early the Night Before

It’s easier said than done I know - it feels like the night before Christmas and your birthday wrapped into one. Focus on keeping your body and mind as calm as possible so you can drift off to sleep as peacefully as possible. You’ve got a big day ahead!


Rise and Shine

Start the morning off with some light physical activity. Chances are you may not have slept your best, so skip the heart racing workout and just go slow. Grab your wedding party and head to a yoga class for a nice stretch out, go for a dip at the beach – whatever it is that will get you moving and set you up for the day. Bonus points if you can sneak in a few extra minutes for a tea and meditation!


Fuel Your Body

If there’s one day you’re going to need energy, it’s today! From an early start in hair and makeup, your ceremony, photos, and a night full of dancing - it feels like a marathon! You very well might be too busy mingling at your reception to eat, so start the day with a nutritious and filling meal to give you the energy you need to get through the day. Think oats and berries for breakfast, and a salad with some protein for lunch.


Plan Out Your Timeline

Make sure you have a timeline in place of everything that needs to happen so you can stick to the schedule and ensure all is stress free! Share this timeline with those who surround you (suppliers, wedding party and family) so they can help with keeping things on track.


Press Play

The best thing I did was ask one of my bridesmaids to put together a playlist for us all to listen to while getting ready that morning. It was filled with some of my favourite songs and nostalgic tunes that we all had SO much fun singing along and dancing to them the morning of my wedding! They put me in the best mood for the rest of the day.


Laugh it off!

No matter how prepared you are, some things are out of your control and end up going wrong. The weather is an all-too-common example. Just laugh it off! Sometimes those small hiccups are what makes the day unique and can make for the fondest memories.