Sarah's Top Tips for the Newly Engaged Image

Sarah's Top Tips for the Newly Engaged


Newly engaged? Congratulations! I hope you’re loving the little love bubble you’re in! While you might be feeling excitement, sometimes there’s a little sense of overwhelm too. With over ten years’ experience in the wedding industry and having bee

Take the time to celebrate.

Decide on your big-ticket items early.
It’s important as a couple that you have some key conversation before diving headfirst into planning. What is it that you both want out of the day? It’s important that both of you are on the same page before looking at budgets, deciding on the style of the day and locking in vendors. Creating a list of your joint priorities will help navigate the decision making to follow.


Decide on your wedding timeline.

Probably the easiest way to kick start the wedding planning process is to discuss when you think the big day will be! While there’s no need to determine an actual date, it’s good to start thinking so you know how much lead time you have and roughly when you might like your celebration to be. Start by asking some basic questions; is there a particular season you want your wedding in? Are there any significant dates for the two of you? Are there any upcoming events (such as Christmas, friend’s weddings, holidays) you’d need to plan around?


Get inspired

Now for the fun part - it’s time to get inspired!


There's an endless supply of #weddinginspo out there and while it can feel overwhelming at times, it’s a good way to save all those ideas that catch your eye so you can see common themes emerge and start to determine your bridal style. So go on and set up a shared Pinterest board and create a wedding folder in your Instagram to save images that inspire. When it comes to appointments with your key vendors, including your bridal stylist, you can bring up the board and they’ll have a much easier time figuring out what it is you’re after.