It’s all about the details… Image

It’s all about the details…


You’ve spent months, if not years, planning your dream day and you’ve ticked all the big-ticket items off your to do list, go you! Now it’s time to consider those little dreamy details that will help to take your day and your memory of it to the next level. 

From sight, smell, and taste – here are some sensory-driven details you can consider to help keep those memories alive for years to come.

The Perfume
More than any other sense, smell is largely linked with memory. I recommend spending some time considering your wedding day scent. Wear it again on your anniversaries, date nights and on other special occasions to bring you right back to the magical moment of saying “I do”.

The Earrings
Earrings are always a favourite accessory amongst our brides to really add their signature style to our gowns. With so many of your wedding photos being focused on your face, pick a pair that you absolutely love! My top tip is to scale up the proportions from what you'd wear every day to something bigger, so they don't get lost in your wedding photos.

The Shoes 
Always had your eyes on a pair of designer heels, but could never justify it? Your wedding day is the perfect excuse to splurge on the perfect pair, pick wisely and they'll be one of your best fashion investments for many years ahead! 

The Shades
A pair of chic sunglasses is tipped to be one of the most trending wedding accessories this upcoming season. They give off such a cool vibe and make for incredibly fun wedding photos!

The Drinks
In what is an incredibly fun date idea in the lead up to your wedding - create a signature cocktail with your fiancée and having it served at your wedding?! Blend something that's unique to your tastes and that says something about your love, whether that's bold, strong flavours or something deliciously sweet. My husband and I love a gin and tonic so we made sure to have these on offer at our wedding!